• Commando Conceptor L5

    This is the list of the Age of Defense games, developed by Belugerin Studios.

    1. Age of Defense 1 (New)
    2. Castle Hero (Sequel of AoD 1)
    3. Age of Defense 3 (Editor)
    4. Age of Defense 4
    5. Age of Defense 5
    6. Age of Defense 6
    7. Age of Defense 7
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  • Commando Conceptor L5

    This is the activitie of Genu Army:

    in Enigmata Genus Revenge game at 09:31 pm, 2014 March 27 (GMT+2)]] in Enigmata Genus Revenge game at 08:13 am, 2014 March 28 (GMT+2)]] in Enigmata Genus Revenge game at 10:50 am, March 31, 2014 (GMT+3)]] in Enigmata Genus Revenge game at 11:29 am, March 31, 2014 (GMT+3)]] in Enigmata Genus Revenge game at 08:55 am, 2014 April 1 (GMT+3)]] in Enigmata Genus Revenge game at 07:14 pm, April 4, 2014 (GMT+3)]] in Enigmata game at 08:49 am, April 8, 2014 (GMT+3)]]

    ,Clade,Demenus,Genu,Genu Command Cores and Entity in Enigmata Genus Revenge game at 07:15 pm, April 20, 2014 (GMT+3)]]

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  • Commando Conceptor L5

    For activitie,see here.
    Genu Army is my army.If a member destroys our troops or break Nexxon 2 Wiki's rules,he will be fired.

    • Genu

    • Radiant Tormenter
    • Nyrad Seven
    • Final Chaos
    • Final Guardian

    • Martynas Šalčiūnas
    • Martynas2
    • Smellybroc
    • Admin
    • Adminstrator
    • Anon
    • Anon

    • Clade
    • Demenus
    • Skymar
    • Considious
    • Neko

    • Detrementor

    If someone uses a member of Genu Army in his conception in a method against us,that conception will get a delreq without any rating.Also,this can lead to a warning or a ban at worse.
    If you ban someone from Genu Army,you will be banned indefinitely.
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  • Commando Conceptor L5
    Bold text
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  • Ionicnaga

    Ionicnaga vs. Eterna

    July 30, 2013 by Ionicnaga

    Ionicnaga encountered Eterna!

    Ionicnaga used: Pison Wave VII from the side!

    It was super effective!

    Eterna Health: 750/1000 Armor

    Eterna used: Shotgun Fire!

    Ionicnaga replied with Reflection Barrier!

    It was effective!

    Eterna Health: 600/1000

    Eterna used: Turret Fire!

    Ionicnaga dodged quickly!

    Ionicnaga used: 15 Death Bolts!

    It was extremely effective!

    Eterna's turrets were destroyed!

    Eterna Health: 300/1000

    Eterna used: Slowing Laser!

    It was slightly effective.

    Ionicnaga's Ship Speed went down moderately.

    Ionicnaga's Ship Speed: 50(-5)

    Ionicnaga Health: 750/760 Shield

    Ionicnaga used Mega Blast VII with armaments in the target!

    Eterna was destroyed!

    Ionicnaga is victorious and got 500,000 gold!

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  • Ionicnaga

    Z-track crystals are special quartz crystals. When ionized, they make the Blue Vecton Lasers and Laser Blast Armaments possible. Cataclysm Orbs also have an ionized z-track core. When vaporized, they make an extremely buoyant material. They can be used for emergency buoyancy, as divers, if they run out of air or have a crack in their helmet, it will activate and make them float up at a very fast speed, while getting rid of the nuisance that is the sides(a real-life problem that is if the diver surfaces too quickly, their bodily gases will try to stay where they are, like the reason why astronauts sit face up. Their blood, if they sat in an L shape, would all collect in their legs, and they would pass out. The face-up position makes their b…

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  • Ionicnaga

    Ultra Nova

    July 27, 2013 by Ionicnaga

    It is a boss that has 15,000 Armor and 12,345 Shield. It's Cytokon Barrier-sized drone's invincible 4-pointed star turret shoots death lasers in all the cardinal directions, spinning slowly. The main ship is the size of a gold bonus, and it has a solid ring-shaped laser surrounding it that flashes every 2.5 seconds for 10 secs(it has the appearance of an aurora.) It orbits around the two drones in a binary(∞) motion. The drones shoot asteroids from the top of the screen at random points. When they hit the ship, they explode and then split into smaller chunks which also explode but are thrice weaker. They are completely obliterated when they hit your ship. Once the drones with 30,000 Armor and 24,000 Shield are destroyed, they create fivefo…

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  • Ionicnaga

    Neko Strike

    July 27, 2013 by Ionicnaga

    It is a skill in which Neko Shop fights for you(it is much stronger than the enemy Neko Shop.) It is like a boss fight, but YOU are the drone on the boss's side. It attacks thrice as strongly as the enemy form, and it's attack patterns are the same as the enemy form, besides the death orbs and solid lasers it shoots occasionally.It is much more accurate and has an increased length.

    Hull: 1000

    Shield: 750

    Energy Cost: 60

    What do ya think of my skill suggestion?

    Ionicnaga (talk) 04:23, July 30, 2013 (UTC)Ionicnaga

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  • OrbitalFacePalm9001

    This ship has 5 armor,4 shield,.0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 damage,5 ship speed,1 ROF,1 bullet speed and 0.1 energy.

    • Leaf Danmaku - shoots a danmaku of leaves every 5 seconds for 3 seconds
    • Fail Speed Up - speeds up to 25 ship speed for 1 second but it needs to charge up for 9001 years
    • Fail Nuke - shoots a missile that deals 15 damage but it shuts off throttle in the middle of the level
    • Cluster Miss-ile - shoot a cluster missile that missed enemies
    • Even more fail nuke - shoot a 50 damage missile that homes in on you
    • UNDERPOWEREDNESS - decreases its own stats by 99% for 100 seconds
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  • Thaswordster

    Hey there! This is the first chapter of my fanfic Eternal Enigma. Hope you like it!

    The Enigmata is a wonderful, yet peaceful galaxy. Its citizens are friendly and there are no robberies or anything/anyone against the law, there are even no prisons (LOL?)! But, one day at Planet Redhian, something colossally-catastrophic happened...

    ???: Woah... I love Egyptian Temples! This one is, by far, the best I've seen!

    A weird red orb appears.

    ???: Wha-what is that?

    Red Orb: Genu... You have been chosed...

    Genu: What the...

    Red Orb: You have been chosed to fuse my soul...

    Genu: I hope this is not a joke...

    Red Orb: Come closer...

    Genu walks one step towards the orb.

    Red Orb: Closer...

    Genu walks another step...

    Red Orb: CLOSER!!!

    Genu runs towards that weird thing.

    Red Orb…

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  • Thaswordster

    First, let's be honest... I MADE THIS FOR THE MEDAL!

    Ok, now the serious business:

    In my opinion, the Enigmata Stellar War wiki is so... unorganized! I just don't like seeing it!...

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  • LoverofAllThingsCute

    I never seem to be able to get to Orias. Is my computer mouse cursed or something? What the Hell!

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