Clade is the top engineer of Genu and is one of his direct subordinates, along with Demenus. She's responsible for creating many of the previous bosses such as Nekron and Undying Essence. She first appear to mock the player at Level 8, and though she first appears later, she fights the player earlier than Demenus. She's the calmer of the two and her personality is cool, collected but arrogant and wicked, like that of a stereotypical witch.

As a BossEdit

Clade Boss
Boss Info
Level 18
Difficulty Very Hard
Previous Boss Tetragon
Next Boss Demenus

Clade is also the 18th boss of Enigmata: Genu's Revenge, and is the first major villain to fight the player directly after all the minions have been taken care of. Like all the other bosses from Final Gatekeeper and up, her ship has a very tough armor. But the main problem about her is HOW MUCH she shoots! She shoots everywhere! The number of bullets fired by her is probably larger than any boss you've met so far, not to say the bullet formation is also very chaotic, leaving you little to no space to dodge, so the best way to deal with it is to try activating your Reflection Barrier and hope you don't run out of energy when you're right in a stream of bullets. One of the main reasons she shoot so much is because she has a nasty attack where she shoots an enormous stream in a 4-petal-flower formation often seen in danmakus (which is, of course, a lot of bullets!) She also has an attack where she fires a STREAM of laser beams which disable your weapons and of course, deal a lot of damage! Also, some of her attacks activate all of your skills and use all of your items simultaneously, which is somewhat a double-edged blade because it wastes your energy and items a lot, but if you're in an emergency it can actually help you if you're not calm enough to activate the skills/items yourself. Her turrets are also pretty much unable to aim at and destroy so don't try.

It's painful to list the attacks because there are so many. The two small turrets on the back of the ship shoot streams of spread shots and streams of orbs. The really big guns on the front shoot huge lasers that can EMP you. The central guns can launch a four-petal flower attack in all directions that's almost impossible to avoid getting hit by. The guns right next to the giant lasers can shoot five spread shots. The four giant turrets on the back can shoot claw-like bullets that can also EMP you. Clade has six attacks.