Boss Info
Level 11
Difficulty Medium
Previous Boss Mega-Goliath
Next Boss Encron Spawn

Considious is the 11th boss of Enigmata: Genu's Revenge. However, he's much, much easier than Mega-Goliath, and shouldn't pose much of a problem if you're prepared. If one would believe Clade, then he's an old, top-ranked officer from 50 years ago, around the time of the first Enigmata game. Despite this, he never appeared in the original Enigmata. His attacks are generic, weak and easy to dodge, but he has one single attack that lifted his difficulty up to Medium: he's famous for spamming a huge stream of missiles. If this happens, be prepared to run around a lot and get hit quite some time, too, since the number of missiles is strangely larger than the number of bullets of any of his other attacks, not to mention they can home and deal more damage! He also has the double-lightning attack of Nekron, though that shouldn't be much of a problem by now.


  • It's ironic how after Demenus and Clade praised the earlier bosses, such as Cytokon Barrier, Pyre Guard and Undying Essence, "their latest creations", "unbeatable", "invincible", etc. they still rely on a really old officer from 50 years ago.