Boss Info
Level 13
Difficulty Easy
Previous Boss Encron Spawn
Next Boss Elemental Trio

Detrementor is the 13th boss of Enigmata: Genu's Revenge, and it's a huge ship that controls a minefield. Compared to some previous bosses, he's ridiculously easy though. His stream of bullets may look pretty impressive, but you have to be an idiot to get hit a lot, because they don't aim at all and easy to avoid, so if you know where to stand, either face him head-on or step aside depending on his attacks, you'll be safe, and he also has no drones to keep you busy in this occasion. His special attack is calling mines that seek you in if you happen to stand near them, and deals a handful of damage. However, despite so, the mines are still very easy to avoid or destroy (yes, you can destroy them!), and they still shouldn't deal as much damage as they should be, not to mention the number of mines is pretty small. Overall, this should be considered a little break to prepare for the hard bosses ahead...


  • Based on Demenus' words, Detrementor's pilot seems to be an aggressive officer who got fired for accidentally destroying many of "Genu's" ships with his mines, but he's got rehired to deal with you in an emergency situation.