Boss Info
Level 25
Difficulty Impossible
Previous Boss Genu Command Cores
Next Boss None
The Entity is the True Final Boss of Enigmata: Genu's Revenge and is Skymar's true ship. It was Skymar's true intention to build this ship and use it to conquer the universe all along, and the whole "Genu's Revenge" thing was just all a distraction.

It is, of course, the hardest boss in the game, even when compared to "Supreme Lord Genu" it's still harder tenfold, so only face it when you have everything you need, Legendary Key, Tier 5 Ships, Level VII Skills, all Black Market equipments, loads of items, etc.! It has a gigantic amount of health, much, much higher than anything else in the whole game!

It has 2 gigantic turrets that're shaped like gears, which shoot lots of bullets in a circular pattern. The main ship can also shoot double-streams of bullets like Demenus, albeit in a diagonal direction, and it can also shoot lots of bullets everywhere, too. You don't know from where he (Skymar) got the ammunition, the metal, and the nithilium needed to build this gigantic leviathan!

Its trademark attack is where it shoots a huge orb which gives the whole screen a green tint. The orb can kill you no matter how tough you are, but if you reflect it with a Reflection Barrier, then it'll do a lot of damage to Entity as well (about 3%), and is considered by many players to be the most effective way to destroy the ship! Also, all of Entity's bullets deal significantly bigger damage than any other ships' normal bullets, so beware!


  • Based on the content of the 11th Torn Note, this ship can be Skymar's vision of the Enigmata universe itself. Skymar wrote in said torn note: "...This cannot be possible, the Enigmata isn't a cognitive entity... It...". His Ultimate Weapon is called the Entity, and it has 2 giant cogwheels, thus a pun on cognitive. Hence, the weapon is a "cognitive entity", which is how Skymar described the Enigmata universe.