Final Gatekeeper
Final Gatekeeper
Boss Info
Level 15
Difficulty Very Hard
Previous Boss Elemental Trio
Next Boss Rex Clear

The Final Gatekeeper is the 15th boss of Enigmata: Genu's Revenge. It's notable for starting the Very Hard line of bosses, and thus being an extremely hard boss itself, compared to all the previous bosses. It has 4 drones, which look small but are in fact very tough! Interestingly, its design and attack pattern show similarities with Epic. Its name can be interpreted as a reference too, since Epic is the "final gatekeeper" for the biggest victory in the original Enigmata. It shoots simple and generic streams of bullets, but they're very long, dense and causes lots of damage! They are also very hard to dodge since they moves sideways quickly, and he alters his bullet streams very often, eventually leading to a Bullet Hell of sorts! This is usually the point where experienced players first die!

Its main attack is to shoot bullet streams everywhere, but it also has an attack where it releases a massive amount of orbs that very quickly rain down the screen, and another attack where its outer guns launch a stream of glowing bullets that sweeps toward the center.