Genu Command Core
Genu Command Core
Boss Info
Level 21-24
Difficulty Very Easy
Previous Boss Genu
Next Boss Entity
The four Genu Command Cores are the bosses of levels 21-24 in Enigmata: Genu's Revenge, and their purpose is to fool the player that if they continue playing after Genu is defeated, they will have to play through an endless number of levels and keep facing Genu Command Cores, though this is not true, because there's still one real boss after them. They're exactly the same and are all very weak, so they act more like level end markers than actual bosses. They only have 2 attacks: huge streams of red bullets and spread shots. However, the streams of bullets deal minimal damage and the spread shots are extremely easy to dodge, so they should pose no problem to you at all.


  • Considering how the Genu Command Cores work, Neko's Shop's boss form seems like a Genu Command Core in disguise.