Keeper of Souls
Keeper of Souls
Boss Info
Level 15
Difficulty Very Hard
Previous Boss Scythe
Next Boss Radiant Tormentor
The Keeper of Souls is the 15th boss of Enigmata, and is the last boss before the Deadly 4. It's also the boss of the "Ghost Fighters", the transparent, nigh-invisible ships in the game, thus the Keeper of Souls itself is also transparent, which contributes to his difficulty rating! But that's not all, it has very tough armor compared to the previous bosses, and has 3 deadly attacks:
  • Its main attack is where it shoots white laser beams at you. Those laser beams deal a RIDICULOUSLY HIGH amount of damage, hence the 'Very Hard" difficulty rating!
  • His 2 sides cannons can shoot groups of 3 bullets forward, which look like claws.
  • They can also shoot lots of bullets in a wide-spread formation, which look like needles!

Also, to make matters worse, it also calls Ghost Fighters to assist it in battle, much like how Chaos Sphere calls its Green Spheres! Ouch!