Boss Info
Level 8
Difficulty Easy
Previous Boss Pyre Guard
Next Boss Undying Essence

After fighting the Pyre Guard, the Nekron seems to be a surprisingly easy boss! It's the 8th boss of Enigmata: Genu's Revenge but it has no drones, and its only dangerous attack is when it "calls" Nithilium Bursts (yes, it can use one of your own skills)  from the top of the screen. These Bursts span for the whole screen, and can only be avoided with the Phase Warp or Stealth Mode skills, pushing you back otherwise. However, they deal minimal damage and if you engage them from the sides, the effect will be reduced greatly. It can also sometimes shoots 2 very accurate lightning bolts at you, but if you keep moving without stopping you'll almost never get hit by this. It has 2 other attacks, but they're pretty generic, easy to dodge and deals low damage. (One is when it shoots some spread shots, and the other is when it rains small energy orbs down loosely and slowly.)