Nithilum Vision
Nithilum Vision
Ship Info
Tier 5
Line RS
Previous Ship RS Conquest
Next Ship None

The Nithilum Vision is the Tier 5 ship (these ships can only be unlocked with the Legendary Key) of the RS Line in Enigmata: Genu's Revenge, though, like the Zennon Semicraft, it's not made by RS themselves. For a Tier 5 ship, it surprisingly has high armor and shield, in contrast to its predecessor which has the lowest total health. It has average energy and ship speed. However, unlike its predecessor, it once again has the worst weapon in its tier, and its number of equip slots is low, too, but it's good for crowd control though because it has 2 little side guns that other ships don't have.  It's an upgrade from RS Conquest nonetheless, but nothing revolutionary like its two predecessors. It's bought together with Zennon Semicraft and Pseudo-Epic for 25,000,000 Gold as The Fifth Collection. It is like a small version of the 14 boss Elemental Trio.


  • Highest shield of its tier (a trait usually shared by Tricraft ships)
  • Has 2 side guns for crowd-control


  • Low firepower
  • Low fire rate
  • Low equip slots

Upgrades from RS ConquestEdit

  • Armor +235
  • Shield +160
  • Energy +105
  • Equip Slots +2
  • Ship Speed -5
  • Damage +21
  • + 2 side guns