Boss Info
Level 3
Difficulty Easy
Previous Boss General Chaos
Next Boss War Drone

Orias, the third boss of Enigmata: Genu's Revenge, though still a pretty weak boss, is strangely the most powerful boss in the first 5 ones! For once, he's the master of the Cyanobombers, so that makes his fight the best place in the game to complete the "Explosive Task" mission, because Cyanobombers will spawn in his boss fight. But, as you've known, once you destroy a Cyanobomber, it'll explode into bullets all around. With a large number of Cyanobombers like this, eventually you'll find yourself surrounded with bullets. That aside, Orias himself also shoots way more bullets than General Chaos, or maybe even War Drone and Reversion. So, unlike the previous boss fights, this time you may actually die if you hunt for the Cyanobombers too hard, or if you underestimate him! He's also the first boss with no drones. The Stealth Mode skill REALLY helps in this boss fight, due to the insane amount of bullets fired by Orias.


  • He's the one who captured Adriana "and Skymar" (Though Skymar later turns out to be his boss, not his hostage.)