Ship Info
Tier 5
Line REF
Previous Ship Lobos Fury
Next Ship None

The Pseudo Epic is the Tier 5 ship (these ships can only be unlocked with the Legendary Key) of the REF Line in Enigmata: Genu's Revenge. Unlike the Nithilum Vision and the Zennon Semicraft though, this ship may actually be made by REF, as REF always hide their brand names in their ships' names! This ship is also a minified, weakened version of the True Final Boss of the original Enigmata, Epic (hence the name Pseudo-Epic). For a Tier 5 ship, it has a ridiculously high amount of armor (about twice tougher than even other Tier 5 ships!), firepower, and equip slots, but low energy, low ship speed and no shield at all! However, despite this, it's still the ship with the highest total HP in the whole game, because of its extreme armor. It's bought together with Nithilum Vision and Zennon Semicraft for 25,000,000 Gold as The Fifth Collection.


  • Highest armor in the whole game, twice tougher than other Tier 5 ships!
  • Highest firepower in the game
  • Most equip slots in the game


  • No shield
  • Low energy
  • Lowest ship speed in the game
  • Really big ship, easy to get hit.

Upgraded from Lobos FuryEdit

  • Armor + 680
  • Shield - 30
  • Energy + 120
  • Equip Slots + 3
  • Ship Speed - 15
  • Damage + 45