RS Conquest
RS Conquest
Ship Info
Tier 4
Line RS
Previous Ship RS Vanquisher
Next Ship Nithilum Vision

The RS Conquest is the Tier 4 ship of the RS Line in Enigmata: Genu's Revenge. For a Tier 4 ship, it has average armor, shield, energy and equip slots, but unlike its predecessors, which have bad weapons, the RS Conquest actually has the best weapon of its tier, powered up even more with shield-piercing bullets! Though, if you combine its armor and shield, you'll find out it has the least total health of its tier, making it more of a "berserker" ship rather than a "balanced" ship, a trait initially thought to share amongst the Tricraft ships, not RS ships. It's a good upgrade from RS Vanquisher and helps keep the place of the RS line on later tiers. It costs 5,500,000 Gold.


  • High ship speed, equals to the Tricraft ship of its tier!
  • Highest firepower of its tier
  • Has shield-piercing bullets


  • Low total health

Upgrades from RS VanquisherEdit

  • Armor +110
  • Shield +80
  • Energy +5
  • Equip Slots +1
  • Damage +45
  • Fire Speed +10