RS Essence
RS Essence
Ship Info
Tier 2
Line RS
Previous Ship RS Freefighter
Next Ship RS Vanquisher

The RS Essence is the Tier 2 ship of the RS Line in Enigmata: Genu's Revenge. For a Tier 2 ship, it has average armor, shield, energy, equip slots and speed, but overall the worst weapon, but it's clearly an upgrade on RS Freefighter on almost every aspects. It's still the worst Tier 2 ship for most players, much like how the RS Freefighter is treated, though. It costs 350,000 Gold.


  • No pros, really. There's nothing special in a good way for this ship.


  • Very low fire rate (this fire rate is usually found on Tier 4 ships, where they shoot more slowly but powerfully)
  • Low fire speed

Upgrades from RS FreefighterEdit

  • Armor +80
  • Shield +20
  • Energy +20
  • Equip Slots +1
  • Ship Speed +5
  • Fire Rate -10
  • Damage + 6
  • Fire Speed +2