RS Vindicator
RS Vindicator
Ship Info
Tier 3 (Rank AA)
Line RS
Previous Ship RS Champion
Next Ship RS Nithilium

The RS Vindicator is the third RS ship in the Enigmata series. It is again a pretty balanced ship for its tier, but not really the weakest one this time, in fact it's quite a great upgrade, with 2 "+3 Rating" boosts! It has high firerate, very high speed, firepower and shield, and perfect handling and armor! It costs 445,000 Gold to buy.

Upgraded from RS ChampionEdit

  • Speed: High --> Very High (+1 rating)
  • Handling: Medium --> Perfect (+3 rating)
  • Firepower: High --> Very High (+1 rating)
  • Shield: Medium --> Very High (+2 rating)
  • Armor: Medium --> Perfect (+3 rating)
  • Firerate: Medium --> High (+1 rating)