Rogue Seventeen
Rogue Seventeen
Ship Info
Tier 2
Line REF
Previous Ship Cylium Hunter
Next Ship Havoc Blaze

The Rouge Seventeen is the Tier 2 ship of the REF Line in Enigmata: Genu's Revenge. For a Tier 2 ship it has a very high amount of armor, average equip slots, fire rate and fire speed, but very low energy, ship speed and shield (but still better than its predecessor). This, like all REF ships, it's the "tank" class ship for its tier. It's bought for 340,000 Gold, slightly cheaper than other Tier 2 ships!


  • Very high armor


  • Very low shield
  • Very low energy
  • Low ship speed

Upgraded from Cylium HunterEdit

  • Armor + 100
  • Shield + 10
  • Fire Rate - 10
  • Damage + 6
  • Fire Speed - 2