Skymar is the head engineer of Neko III in Enigmata: Genu's Revenge, but he later turns out to be the true villain of the game.

In Enigmata: Genu's RevengeEdit

Prior to Enigmata: Genu's Revenge, Skymar was sent on a mission, and was captured by "Genu's" force. General Chaos then informed the player and Neko III that Genu had returned, and later, after defeating Orias, who was capturing Adriana and Skymar, Adriana was rescued but she told the player that Skymar is still nowhere to be found. Much later, he was found being captured by Final Gatekeeper, then later Rex Clear, but he always got captured again after those bosses were defeated. After finally defeating Genu, Skymar was finally rescued, but he still flew away again, stating "he had work". When the player was cleaning up Genu's remaining forces, it turned out Skymar was in fact "Genu" all along, and the capturing was just an act. He disguised as Genu so he could rebuild Genu's army, which acted as a very strong distraction and protection for him while he was secretly building a ship so powerful it could conquer Enigmata single-handedly in the background. After a fierce battle, the player managed to destroy even that ship, and thus ending Enigmata: Genu's Revenge.

Based on the content of the Torn Notes (which he wrote), he's trying to "save" Enigmata from some "corruption within", possibly the corruption of an ultimate council of the universe. And to do so, he tried to reassemble Genu's old army then build the Entity to attack said council.


Skymar was hinted to be in fact Genu many times throughout the game:

  • Several Torn Notes hinted that "Genu" was actually someone else, and that someone was a traitor from the player's force.
  • Adriana stated that if Genu is still alive, he would be over 100 years old in Enigmata: Genu's Revenge timeline, yet his avatar is suspiciously young. Neko then commented that Genu must be using some kind of proxy this time.
  • Skymar always flew away again once he was rescued. Most notably, he even made an excuse to escape from Neko's Shop even after GENU IS DEFEATED!