Boss Info
Level 17
Difficulty Very Hard
Previous Boss Rex Clear
Next Boss Clade

The Tetragon is the 17th boss of Enigmata: Genu's Revenge, and is the strongest minion of Genu aside from his direct subordinates themselves, Clade and Demenus. After defeating Final Gatekeeper and Rex Clear, you may still be surprised at how hard Tetragon is! For once, you can't shoot it from the sides initially, because he has SIX large drones which blocked your way and force you to fight it head-on! And that's exactly where the nightmare comes from. Because of its huge size, your space is very, very limited when fighting it head-on, and it along with its drones also shoot a lot! To make matters worse, a lot of its attacks corrupt your controls, which usually result in you being trapped right in front of it. The worst thing about this? It has a very deadly attack where he shoots 2 GIGANTIC bullet streams in front of it, resulting in instant death in most cases if you are right on the path of the streams! The best way to fight it is to, in all cases, try your best to eliminate its frontal drones first, which will give you a lot more space to dodge its bullets, and also you don't have to care about those drones' attack anymore. Then, try your best NOT to get in front of it, because it can result in a very sudden and horrible death as stated above. You will need to use Reflection Barrier a lot and also you would use up a lot of items here!