Tricraft Legend
Tricraft Legend
Ship Info
Tier 3 (Rank AA)
Line Tricraft
Previous Ship Tricraft Ultra
Next Ship Illinear

The Tricraft Legend is the third Tricraft ship in the Enigmata series. It has high handling and armor, very high firepower, and perfect speed, shield and firerate. This made it retain the "kamikaze" fighting style from the Tricraft LX, only now much, much better, with all attributes of the playstyle perfected It costs 505,000 Gold to buy.

Upgraded from Tricraft UltraEdit

  • Speed: High --> Perfect (+2 rating)
  • Handling: Medium --> High (+1 rating)
  • Firepower: Medium --> Very High (+2 rating)
  • Shield: High --> Perfect (+2 rating)
  • Armor: Medium --> High (+1 rating)
  • Firerate: Very High --> Perfect (+1 rating)