Tricraft Shadow
Ship Info
Tier 3
Line Tricraft
Previous Ship Tricraft Azimuth
Next Ship Tricraft Revenge

The Tricraft Shadow is the 3rd ship of the Tricraft line in Enigmata: Genu's Revenge. For a Tier 3 ship it has low armor and damage, average equip slots and ship speed and high shield, energy and fire rate. This ship is very powerful and can do a very big amount of damage if the player can avoid many bullets. It costs 1,550,000 Gold.


  • High shield
  • High fire rate
  • High energy
  • High ship speed
  • High fire speed


  • Low equip slots
  • Low damage
  • Medium-low armor

Upgraded from Tricraft AzimuthEdit

  • +70 Armor
  • +120 Shield
  • +20 Energy
  • +1 Equip Slot
  • -5 Ship Speed
  • -10 Fire-rate
  • +15 Damage
  • +4 Fire-speed