Ionicnaga encountered Eterna!

Ionicnaga used: Pison Wave VII from the side!

It was super effective!

Eterna Health: 750/1000 Armor

Eterna used: Shotgun Fire!

Ionicnaga replied with Reflection Barrier!

It was effective!

Eterna Health: 600/1000

Eterna used: Turret Fire!

Ionicnaga dodged quickly!

Ionicnaga used: 15 Death Bolts!

It was extremely effective!

Eterna's turrets were destroyed!

Eterna Health: 300/1000

Eterna used: Slowing Laser!

It was slightly effective.

Ionicnaga's Ship Speed went down moderately.

Ionicnaga's Ship Speed: 50(-5)

Ionicnaga Health: 750/760 Shield

Ionicnaga used Mega Blast VII with armaments in the target!

Eterna was destroyed!

Ionicnaga is victorious and got 500,000 gold!

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