It is a boss that has 15,000 Armor and 12,345 Shield. It's Cytokon Barrier-sized drone's invincible 4-pointed star turret shoots death lasers in all the cardinal directions, spinning slowly. The main ship is the size of a gold bonus, and it has a solid ring-shaped laser surrounding it that flashes every 2.5 seconds for 10 secs(it has the appearance of an aurora.) It orbits around the two drones in a binary(∞) motion. The drones shoot asteroids from the top of the screen at random points. When they hit the ship, they explode and then split into smaller chunks which also explode but are thrice weaker. They are completely obliterated when they hit your ship. Once the drones with 30,000 Armor and 24,000 Shield are destroyed, they create fivefold amplified Pison Waves VII in every direction, along with a 7.5fold amplified Mega Blast VII. The tiny main ship then starts going wherever its inertia wills it, bouncing off the screen's walls. The aurora stops, but then it will send the smaller asteroid chunks toward your ship accurately. It will make a final troll by giving you one gold bonus. That gives you 1,234,567,890 gold!

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