Z-track crystals are special quartz crystals. When ionized, they make the Blue Vecton Lasers and Laser Blast Armaments possible. Cataclysm Orbs also have an ionized z-track core. When vaporized, they make an extremely buoyant material. They can be used for emergency buoyancy, as divers, if they run out of air or have a crack in their helmet, it will activate and make them float up at a very fast speed, while getting rid of the nuisance that is the sides(a real-life problem that is if the diver surfaces too quickly, their bodily gases will try to stay where they are, like the reason why astronauts sit face up. Their blood, if they sat in an L shape, would all collect in their legs, and they would pass out. The face-up position makes their blood collect in their back, but they wouldn't become unconscious.) Z-track crystals themselves glow in the dark brightly, and with metal impurities, can glow different colors than normal. Z-track crystals can only be found at select locations in the Enigmata Galaxy


Z-track was formed from quartz backwards; ztrauq.