Hey there! This is the first chapter of my fanfic Eternal Enigma. Hope you like it!


The Enigmata is a wonderful, yet peaceful galaxy. Its citizens are friendly and there are no robberies or anything/anyone against the law, there are even no prisons (LOL?)! But, one day at Planet Redhian, something colossally-catastrophic happened...

???: Woah... I love Egyptian Temples! This one is, by far, the best I've seen!

A weird red orb appears.

???: Wha-what is that?

Red Orb: Genu... You have been chosed...

Genu: What the...

Red Orb: You have been chosed to fuse my soul...

Genu: I hope this is not a joke...

Red Orb: Come closer...

Genu walks one step towards the orb.

Red Orb: Closer...

Genu walks another step...

Red Orb: CLOSER!!!

Genu runs towards that weird thing.

Red Orb: Perfect... *starts enetring Genu's body*

Genu: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1 - Eterna 'L Domination

Dharon: Finnaly! I got my Ship-Riding License!

Bill: I just hope you don't crash...

Dharon: >_> Anyway, according to this mini-map, the Livian Docks are right... here!

The duo enter the Livian Docks.

Engineer: Hey! I never saw you around here. What'cha doing?

Dharon: We've came here to get a ship.

Engineer: Haha! Lucky strike! This is the last one.

Bill: Woah, it's a Tricraft Lithium. Perfect for intergalactic travels!

Dharon: Awesome! Let's try it... OOF! OW! Hey! Watch it! POO--!

Bill: I drive...

Dharon: I drive...

Bill: Only until you crash...


The duo: What da hell?

???: Mwhahahaha!! Hello citizens of the Livian City. I am Supreme Demon Lord Genu (or just Genu, whatever)! The future ruler of Enigmata!! Now, START WORKING IN THE Nithilium Mines or else you will die!!! Mwhahahhahhaha!

Dharon: We better get outta here!

Engineer: Wait! Take these Nithilium Shield Cores, they increase the ship's shield level.

Bill: Thanks. Now, let's get outta here, wanna come?

Engineer: I better do so!

Dharon: Let's go! *VROOM!*

The group luckily get off the planet, but Genu's army was there to stop them.

Bill: Woah! Look out!

Engineer: Activate Fusion Fire!

Dharon: Geez! WHERE'S DA BUTTON!?

Bill: *click!* Here.

Computer: Fusion Fire activate.

.*pew pew pew!*

The Group: Woah!

After some time battling the group encounter Eterna...

Dharon: Wow... That ship IS big...

Bill and the Engineer: Just keep shooting it!

After getting hit some times...

Dharon: That ship is so weak... *presses fire button*

Eterna blows up.

Bill: Hah! That was easy!

Engineer: But, where are we going

Bill and Dharon: 0_0

Bill: Incoming call.

???: *pfffffff* Can you hea-- *pfffffff* -e?

Bill: Maybe?

???: Great then. But, what are you doing out there?

Dharon: Escaping... (Wait, wasn't he having a low-signal power?)

???: Oh... Ah! Almost forgot, my name's Neko. And, no, It was a joke.

Dharon: (ÓvÔ) We are Dharon, Bill and... this engineer...?

Neko: What enginee-- Skymar!

Skymar: Neko!

Bill and Dharon: What the...

Neko: Come to my base, we can talk there...